Our Human Resources Policy

Our Human Resources Policy has been formed with the awareness that our most important capital is human resource, reflecting our Vision, Mission and Corporate values to all our processes.

Our Goal

To be a company preferred by the qualified work force to work and to add "Best" to my business, To create the systems that will ensure the continuity and commitment of our employees, environment.

In this context, our basic principles are;

* Hiring human resources to bring our company to the future with equal opportunities and transparent recruitment among people who have corporate values, a high development potential, a flexible and positive positive contribution,

* To create a development environment and opportunities for our employees to realize their continuous development and their potential, to increase their in-house assignment and rotation practices,

* To identify the needs in line with company targets and to take necessary actions for career development plans,

* To ensure that managers regularly improve their performance with a fair, systematic, understandable and measurable performance management system by creating a culture in which employees are accountable for their development responsibility

* The contribution, performance and performance of our employees are rewarded in terms of value added to the organization

* To create an effective, effective and motivated organization by keeping employee satisfaction at a high level, to improve corporate loyalty and sense of ownership

* To ensure that work health, work safety and environmental awareness are the forerunners, to ensure and maintain a working environment

* To ensure the continuity of the success of the company, we will monitor all our human resources applications according to the conditions of the day, update them and structure them according to their needs